Salary Range
  • Hong Kong Greater China Based Private Equity Co
  • Legal & Compliance advisory with FO/Deal Expo
  • Small Team & Work-life Balance
Job Duties

  • Report to CEO
  • Accountable for providing portfolio/transaction and deal related legal documentation review by working closely with investment team
  • Responsible for corporate/fund structure and LP/GP advisory

  • Regional Private Market Product Coverage
  • Established Global Private Banking Franchise
  • Leadership Function to Spearhead PE Penetration
Job Duties

  • As part of the Strategic Direct Investment Advisory Regional Team
  • Accountable for shaping PE strategies and increasing the penetration of PE solutions
  • Work in partnership with bankers and investment professionals from advising PE investment opportunities, asset allocation to on-going portfolio monitoring in accordance to clients’ investment & risk appetite along

  • Global Top 10 private equity group
  • Regional and Global Exposures
  • Rewarding Package & Comprehensive Int’l Exposure 
Job Duties

  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial reporting/NAV by working closely with outsourced fund administrator and investees across the region
  • Monitor cash position by providing periodic update to investment team
  • Review / calculate capital calls, distributions and fee contribution for GP/LP

  • Global Top Ranking Private Equity
  • EA to AP Managing Partner Investment Deal Team
  • Multicultural & Professional Environment
Job Duties

  • Report to Regional Managing Partner and MD in charge of Investment Deal Team
  • Accountable for calendar management & demanding travel arrangement
  • Manage intensive meeting schedule, setting up of VC & calls with external clients & senior management across the region & headquarters

  • Asian & Greater China Equity Research Team
  • Promising Investment Analytics & FO Exposure
  • Rewarding Career with Global Private Bank
Job Duties

  • As part of the Asian/Global equity research team with country responsibilities for the Asian investment product
  • Formulate investment ideas and house view through analyzing, interpreting and forecasting financial information on companies, sectors and countries
  • Conduct third party research, direct management contact, visits and conference calls

  • Regional IT & Infrastructure L1 to L3 Support
  • Global Top 3 Private Equity Investment Mgmt
  • Multi-cultural & Rewarding Package
Job Duties

  • Accountable for L1 to L3 regional IT, LAN/Wan, Networking and Infrastructure Support
  • Provide quality services that called for extensive communication with corporate users, global IT Engineer/Support & external vendors
  • Ensure fulfilment of IT governance and regulatory requirements

  • Established Asian Based Private Equity Group
  • Corporate, Fund Accounting & Capital Call Expo
  • Great learning Opportunity & Friendly Environment
Job Duties

Report to Financial Controller and partner with a team of professional accountants

  • Support daily corporate & fund accounting
  • Manage G/L and reconciliation
  • Facilitate T&E payment/reimbursement

  • World’s Most Admired Global Private Equity 
  • Regional A/P and Accounting Operation Functions
  • Int’l Environment & Worklife Balance
Job Duties

Report to Financial Controller and Senior Managers

  • Manage large volume of T&E payment/reimbursement by working closely with vendors
  • Verify invoices and oversight payment cycle to ensure fulfilment of corporate governance

  • Global Private Equity & Family Offices 
  • Biz Admin Support & Regional Events Coordination
  • Rewarding Bonus & Multicultural Environment
Job Duties

  • Provide full spectrum of business administration & secretarial support including calendar management, T&E, desktop research and database mgmt
  • Support rapid expansion which covers institutional clients’ events/roadshow logistics and office renovation coordination that required extensive liaison with clients, headquarters and vendors

  • Top 5 Global Private Equity Group
  • HR Generalist Support & Interview Coordination
  • Excellent Job Security & Int’l Culture
Job Duties

  • Report to Regional Head of HR and HR Manager
  • Accountable for recruitment coordination, on-boarding and end to end interview process that called for extensive liaison with deal professionals and corporate offices across Greater China, AP and US headquarters
  • Prepare timely HR reports to cater for staffing, compensation and business planning

  • World’s Top 10 private equity & VC groups
  • Regional Corporate Account & Financial Reporting
  • Rewarding Bonus & Comprehensive Int’l Exposure 
Job Duties

  • Report to CFO and work in collaboration with a professional teams including investment managers & investor relations
  • Accountable for regional financial reporting, cash management, budgeting to SFC MAS regulatory reportings/returns
  • Oversight fund administrators from corporate filings, board resolutions & operations

  • In-House Regional Private Equity Fund Accountant
  • Promising career with rewarding bonus 
  • Multi-cultural with High Profile Expansion 
Job Duties

  • Report to Regional Head of Fund accountant and partner with a professional & qualified team of fund & corporate accountants 
  • Prepare quarterly & annual financial reporting/NAV by working closely with outsourced fund admin & investees across the region
  • Monitor cash position by providing periodic update to investment team 

  • Global Industry Leader in Alternative & Asset Mgmt
  • 1 to 1 PA/Biz support to Asia Principal Partner
  • Hybrid work mode & Multi-cultural Environment
Job Duties

  • Report to Regional Principal Partner 
  • Responsible for full spectrum of business support including calendar management and complex schedule arrangement that called for extensive liaison with global institutional investors/senior management across the region/headquarters
  • Prepare presentation material; fund raising logistic and on-going investment management meetings 

  • Top 10 Private Equity & Alternative Grp
  • Integrated OM & EA opportunities  
  • Competitive Bonus & Snr Mgmt Exposure 
Job Duties

  • Report to the Regional Senior Management of CFO and Partners
  • Supervise a small team of 2 to oversight Corporate Services, HR Operations, Facilities Management, Internal & External Events for the Hong Kong/Greater China region 
  • Key contact with outsourced vendors to ensure quality deliverables 

  •  Regional Business Management & Support
  •  Project Lead to Drive Expansion & Vendor Mgmt
  •  Rewarding Private Equity Career
Job Duties

  • Report to CFO and Senior Partners, ensure the smooth operations of daily business activities
  • Oversight Business Management and IT, Compliance and CSEC vendors
  • Assume key project lead to drive process improvement, digitalization and expansion initiatives